About WPackaging

WPackaging is proud to be a part of the continued growth & competitive need in the pizza packaging industry.

We believe it is this dedication to excellence that has allowed us to succeed.

WPackaging was established to meet the needs of both small and large pizza chains, bakeries, food distributors, and all companies seeking to save money and increase their packaging efficiency.

WPackaging produces both a stock line of corrugated pizza boxes, inserts, cake boxes, pads, circles and squares as well as custom packaging designed specifically to meet our customer’s needs and exact specifications.

We have well established relationships with 18 factories with unlimited production capabilities.

WPackaging is committed to providing

• The Best Value, to meet the current needs of the market place.

• The Best Quality, to enhance the integrity of your custom products.

• The Best Service, our service representatives work closely with our customers and Sales Associates to ensure that all our customers needs are met.

We welcome new ideas as well as feedback from our loyal customers. We listen to what they have to say so that WPackaging can provide Real Value, Quality & Service.

Custom Printing

WPackaging can take your business to the next level with our Custom Printing Services.

At WPackaging we understand that packaging is a key component of the marketing plan for any business and pizza boxes are an efficient and effective way to promote our customers business. We provide the best quality custom print product.

• There are no plate charges.
• We can also offer full bleed and high graphic printing.
• We can also provide creative services for our custom printing.

We offer up to 4 colors of printing with 100% coverage. (100 case minimum)

Uncompromising quality

WPackaging has the highest quality control measures placed across the entire production process to ensure the integrity of our product. We produce the highest quality boxes that meet and EXCEED FDA guidelines.

• We offer a variety of pizza box products, including generic all kraft pizza boxes in multiple sizes, ranging from 7”- 36” boxes.


We are driven to become the top pizza box supplier and we believe our wide array of products from pizza circles, pizza inserts and a variety of box products, will give us another competitive edge in the industry.


Our service representatives work closely with our customers in the US and all over the world to ensure that all of our customers’ needs are met. We work diligently to meet the needs of your business, be it a large pizza chain or the neighborhood pizza shop.

WPackaging Committed to Succeed

We know that it takes a strong commitment to succeed. We strive to build a strong presence in the market.
You will find us at industry events such as the Pizza Expo and trade publications such as PMQ and Pizza Today.


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