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WPackaging: Accessorizing Your Cakes the Fun Way

Baker’s Bodega

Beautifully-crafted cake pads, adorable drums and wrap arounds – these are but a few of your choices from the famous Whalen Packaging baking supplies brand, a sub-brand of Whalen Furniture.

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Whalen Packaging History

Before coming up with Whalen Packaging, Whalen Furniture was well-known in the world of storage, closets and every other piece of furniture needed in the home. During its struggles to get established in the furniture business, Whalen decided to also produce items for bakers and cake-lovers. The Whalen brand continues to establish a name in the world of baking supplies, thus providing for the needs not only of bakeries but also of food distributors, pizza chains and all other companies wanting to save materials and money on their packaging.

Whalen Packaging Products

As a baker’s supply brand from Whalen Furniture, Whalen Packaging has a wide variety of baker supplies on its list. The different products they have are a result of their aggressive and competitive efforts to provide the best baking accessories to every baker out there. Their bakery circles and pads, for one, have been carved to perfection, hoping to meet the expectations of its customers when it comes to such supplies. Their drums and wraps have been meticulously finished to make cake accessorizing even more delightful.

What is Whalen Packaging known for?

Whalen Packaging, as mentioned, is known for bakery circles and pads as well as its drums and wrap arounds. However, since its mission is to help provide cost-effective and efficient packaging for other members of the food industry, it also came up with a line of other packing solutions that include pizza boxes and pizza inserts as well as cutlery storage containers and wine carriers.

Featured Products from Whalen Packaging

Whalen Packaging’s cake circles and pads are available in a variety of colors like pink, white, silver and gold. It also has mono-portion pads on its list. For its cake drums and wrap arounds, the glistening colors of silver and gold, as well as, simple yet structured black and white hues make up its products.

Whalen Packaging is indeed one brand to watch out for in the world of baking. Products from this brand will not only make baking a whole lot of fun; they also promise to keep cake storage simpler than ever before. We, at BakersBodega, attest to this brand’s unwavering commitment. Please feel free to check our pages for more information about Whalen Packaging.

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