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AFA Art For Approval
A-flute 1/4″ thick, 33 flutes per linear foot
AQ Gloss Aqueous coating applied to the coating side of packaging overtop printing to seal in the ink with a glossy finish
AQ Satin Aqueous coating applied to the coating side of packaging overtop printing to seal in the ink with a satin finish
B-flute 1/8″ thick, 47 flutes per linear foot
BTO Built To Order
C1S Coated 1-side
C2S Coated 2-sides
CCNB Clay Coated News (Gray) Back
CCWB Clay Coated White Back
C-flute 3/16″ thick, 39 flutes per linear foot
Chipboard Compressed paperboard material
CNK Coated Natural Kraft
CYMK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, a color standard model use in color printing which uses the aforementioned four colors to create tones for use in ink printing.
D/W Double-Wall, typically B/C-flute which is 5/16″ thick
Delivered Price Freight built into warehouse pricing to deliver from warehouse to customer
Detroit Style Detroit style pizza is a rectangular pan pizza
Drums Heavy duty cake circles and pads, most often used for heavier, tiered cakes such as wedding cakes. These are B/C-flute and 1.5″ thick
ECT Edge Crust Test, a compressive strength test used to classify paperweights
E-flute 1/16″ thick, 90 flutes per linear foot
Flexo Printing Printing style which used flexible printing plates which can be used on nearly all substrates
FTL Full truckload, 48 pallets fit double stacked on a 53′ standard, dry trailer.
Full Bleed When the custom printing covers 70% or more of the item/box surface
GCMI Glass Containers Manufacturers Institute, a color standard collection of sixty coded colors availble for use as ink in printing processes for packaging.
GSM Grams per square meter in reference to paper weight
HSC Half Slotted Carton/Container
Inside Print When the interior of a box/unit has printing/art
K/K Kraft/Kraft
Landed Price Freight built into container direct pricing to deliver direct to customer
LC Locking Corner
LTL Less than truckload
Offset Printing Printing style with a glossy exterior finish
PET Polyethylene terephthalate, a compound used in coating packaging for grease resistance
PMS Pantone Matching System, a color standard system used in color matching to create ink in a wide variety for use as ink in printing processing for packaging. More versatile than CYMK printing.
PT Stands for point, the point system in packaging is determined by the caliper thickness of the substrate. One point equals 0.001″
RSC Regular Slotted Carton/Container
S/W Single-Wall, meaning there is one layer of fluting for the corrugated material, can be in various flute types
SBS Solid Bleach Sulfate
Scalloped Refers the scalloped pattern used on edges of our cake boards and pads labeled scalloped
SE/AB Seal End Auto Bottom
Sicilian Style Sicilian style pizza is a type of rectangular pizza often with thicker crust than a standard pizza
SUS Solid Unbleached Sulfate
TT/AB Tuck Top/Auto Bottom
W/K White/Kraft
W/W White/White
Will-Call Refers to a delivery method in which the customer picks up items from the seller’s facility
Wrap Around Bakery circles and pads which are double wall fluted and the foil on these wrap around to the bottom of the board/pad. Thes are B/C-flute and 1/4″ thick

Get your custom boxes in these easy steps!

Step 1:

Simply call 888-400-3455, email [email protected]

Step 2:

Send us a high resolution logo or graphic. Our designers will begin designing a box for you!

Step 3:

You receive your proof.

Step 4:

Once you approve your box design and place an order, we get to work and your boxes will be distributed within weeks!

Quality Guarantee!

At W Packaging, we understand that packaging is a key component of the marketing plan for any business and pizza boxes are an efficient and effective way to promote our customers business. We provide the best quality custom print product.