Rosca De Reyes Lock Corner Cake Boxes W/Window

Item # Description Size  Case Cube Weight Length Width  Height  UPC 
WPRDR25 Rosca De Reyes 1/8″ LC Cake Box W/Window 14x10x3″ 50 0.73 16.97 29.41″ 20.28″ 2.10″ 844892074639
WPRDR50 Rosca De Reyes 1/8″ LC Cake Box W/Window 19x14x3-1/8″ 50 1.15 26.90 37.4″ 25.28″ 2.10″ 844892074646
WPRDR100 T&B Rosca De Reyes LC 2pc Box W/Window 25.88×18.06×3.13″ 25 1.00 11.10 32.32″ 24.53″ 2.20″ 844892074660
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