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Getting Your Packaging Supply Ready for 2023

By December 19, 2022No Comments

Due to the unpredictability brought about by the economy, 2023 is all about planning ahead.

With increased emphasis on packaging, it is essential for businesses to consider their plans for the coming year.

Preparing your packaging supply prior to 2023 can help you remain competitive in the marketplace and ensure that you consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience without delays or interruptions.

Here’s how to accomplish that:

1. Consider the experience.
The unboxing experience itself should be a consideration for the new year, as unboxing videos have become an integral part of marketing.

How do you want your customers to feel upon opening your packaging?

What consumer packaging trends are currently prevalent, and how does your product fit in?

Do you currently offer packaging that creates the desired experience?

If not, 2023 should be the year in which you reevaluate what you have and collaborate with a packaging expert to create something that customers will remember.

By capitalizing on the most recent 2023 packaging trends, you will be able to establish a distinct brand and ensure that customers will continue to purchase your products.

Consider the factors involved in creating a truly immersive unboxing experience for your products in order to make a positive first impression on customers.

You can then create a packaging design strategy that aligns with your brand and, most importantly, your target market by analyzing current packaging trends and the actions of your competitors.

2. Make it specific.
Personalization and the unboxing experience are two of the most effective ways to make an impression on customers.

Personalizing your package with custom boxes, thank-you notes, and other items is an excellent way to connect with customers, and it has become a rapidly growing trend in e-commerce packaging.

In addition, personalization makes it more memorable, particularly when using packaging supplies such as custom boxes and box inserts, which is advantageous for establishing brand equity and enhancing the value of your products.

The key is to make an immediate connection with the customer, which is a major trend in modern consumer packaging.

Whether it’s a handwritten thank-you card or a coupon for their next purchase, adding a personal touch to the packaging will assist you in 2023.

3. Rethink your packaging from beginning to end.
Your packaging must add value to your business and your customers from beginning to end.

The best method for determining the value of a product is to evaluate the customer’s journey from purchase to delivery and determine where you can implement packaging trends.

Does your packaging accurately reflect what your brand is doing and how it is expanding?

For instance, can your packaging be made more return-friendly to provide customers with a frictionless experience?

2023: Can you make your packaging more environmentally friendly?

How much packaging is required for your product, and can the packaging design be optimized to reduce production and shipping costs?

These are just a few considerations that can make a significant difference for customers and your business.

4. Start planning earlier.
As you evolve your packaging and begin to consider where it will go in the future, it is equally important to plan for the coming months.

Global supply chain issues have affected packaging supplies, so it is essential to stock up for the upcoming months.

You’ll save money over time by purchasing in bulk, and you’ll be able to deliver products to customers without interruption.

By stocking up now, you can beat the rush and also save money.

Optimizing packaging supplies to reduce costs and save time is an additional important consideration for 2023.

For instance, you can purchase related items such as envelopes and tape or boxes and protective filling together.

This ensures that you have the packaging process covered from beginning to end and that your products are shipped without damage.

Similarly, purchasing refills in advance and purchasing supplies with multiple uses can aid in planning for 2023 e-commerce packaging trends.

You’ll have everything you need to ship products, and you’ll be able to focus on improving the packaging design going forward so that your business can become an industry leader in packaging trends.

Want to get a jump on your packaging supply for 2023?