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Birthday Cakes take all Shapes and Sizes

By September 15, 2022September 30th, 2022No Comments

These days, birthday cakes come in all sizes and shapes. The good news is that decorating your original cakes and cupcakes with the wow factor is now easier than ever thanks to the tools offered by bakeries and cake decorating businesses.

Icings come in a variety of adaptable, trendy colors that are sure to catch the attention of your customers. Our color technology guarantees stunning colors that won’t bleed or fade. You’ve never tasted color this good with a pure vanilla flavor!

In terms of chocolate cakes, this indulgence trend is particularly important. According to Nielsen and POS Sweet Bakery, chocolate cake and cupcakes are still the most popular cake and cupcake flavors, and over the next four years, demand for chocolate cake is expected to increase by 2.2%.

With bakers using ingredients like black cocoa powder, activated charcoal, and richer fudge, chocolate cakes will be darker and richer than ever.

The freedom of color

Color enhances the appeal of your product and creates a great backdrop for chocolate decorations to stand out.

Utilize various piping tips. Simply altering the icing style on a cake or cupcake can completely change how it looks and feels. Despite the fact that you haven’t had to add any new recipes or labor, your customers will perceive your case as being filled with a huge variety of options.

Another suggestion is to make use of chocolate.

According to him, chocolate is the most popular flavor for desserts. “To give cupcakes and cakes more flair, drizzle chocolate (or colored white chocolate) over them. To add striking chocolate accents or decorations, you don’t have to be a chocolatier.

A great ingredient for decorations is almonds. Natural, roasted almonds add a wonderful crunch to desserts and a wonderful color contrast to the softness of your cake and buttercream. Additionally, almonds offer a fantastic way to appeal to consumers’ desire for desserts that include a “healthy” ingredient.

Regarding additional design fads, chocolate drips are simple to make and add dynamic design. Your cakes’ edges can be covered in chocolate ganache by piping it on or by dipping cupcakes in it. A cake or cupcake with chocolate oozing down the sides attracts attention well.


Consumers will keep looking to sweets as a source of affordable luxury. Sprinkles on top of cakes and adding vibrant pops of color to icings are both excellent ways to accomplish this. Retailers can also use icing to make drip cakes, which are currently popular because the icing appears to “drip” down the side of the cake.

Retail bakeries are getting very inventive when it comes to promoting their most recent creations.

She notes that some bakeries designate areas in their bakery for Instagram. The growth of social media has accelerated the spread of trends.

external variables

It’s no secret that younger consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment, and plant-based options are becoming more popular.

Food coloring from Chef Rubber is offered in a variety of forms, including powder, liquid, gel, and paste. Depending on the dessert, confection, or beverage being made, one must decide which. Water-soluble and fat-dispersible colors make up the two main categories in the food industry (lakes and dyes). When the recipe’s water content is greater than its fat content, a water-soluble colorant performs best. The best illustration would be when making macaron batter; the most popular choice is usually a gel or water-based powder color, which mixes easily with the water in the egg whites. Similar to this, adding a fat dispersible color to a product with a fat base, like chocolate, will function much better than doing the same with a water-soluble colorant.

An extensive line of natural colorants has been developed and introduced thanks to the founders of Chef Rubber’s creative thinking and pastry expertise. These goods are made from fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Both water-based and fat-based colorants from Chef Rubber come in natural options.

Plant-based products are here to stay, but I believe you need to consider your location and clientele mix. You must give in to what your clients demand.

It’s time to become “berry obsessed” for the spring. The first fruit to ripen in the spring is typically a strawberry, and Lawrence Foods offers a variety of ways to decorate them.

Members of the rose family, strawberries also have sweet scents. They are the only fruit whose seeds are visible on the exterior.

In the US, households consume strawberries in 94% of cases.

Strawberries were selected as the top fruit by more than 53% of children.

The world’s largest producer of strawberries is the United States.

Although strawberries are grown in all 50 states, California produces the majority of the nation’s supply.

We work diligently to meet the needs of your business, be it a large company or the neighborhood shop.

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