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Corrugated Cardboard Use Case

By July 18, 2022July 28th, 2022No Comments

It’s important that you consider all aspects of your product before you package and ship it. Shipping costs can be a huge drain on profits and a large part of that cost comes down to the type of packaging used for shipping. If you’re looking for an affordable solution which also helps the environment then corrugated cardboard might just be your best bet. We’ll explore some of the reasons why adopting this material is so popular among businesses today:

It is less expensive to produce a cardboard box than a wooden crate, corrugated cardboard has a smaller carbon footprint than wooden crates.

Cardboard is a fantastic renewable resource, and it’s made up of cellulose fibers. These fibers are created by breaking down trees or plants.

Cardboard is also recyclable, which means that when you’re finished with your packaging manufacture, it can be used to produce new boxes.

Cardboard boxes are easy to produce because they don’t consume a significant amount of labor or resources to make. They’re also very lightweight and easy to ship because they fold flat, saving space in both transportation trucks and warehouses.

You can store cardboard boxes for years without needing any special conditions such as climate control or humidity control. When you’re done using them, simply throw away!

The weight of corrugated cardboard is also less than wooden crates, which means that the boxes can be shipped at a reduced cost. Companies can pass these savings onto their customers by selling their products for less money.

More and more customers are now looking for sustainable packaging for their products, and with the advances in printing techniques; brands can incorporate branding into the material itself, so everything from corporate logos to product imagery can be printed directly on the corrugated cardboard to reduce further waste with extra paper labels.

Customers can see the product and brand at the same time, which is a huge benefit as it allows them to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to purchase your goods.

When it comes to purchasing corrugated cardboard boxes, W Packaging also offers specialized fitments for each product as well as custom sizing options. This provides peace of mind for retail businesses who require a one-size-fits-all solution for all of their product needs.

W Packaging’s products are designed to meet the needs of a variety of customers in different industries, from small boutique shops to large corporate chains. If you need help choosing the right product or fitment for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, expert team today!

There are many reasons why companies are turning to corrugated cardboard to ship their products:

  • It’s lighter than wooden crates, so it costs less to transport.
  • It’s cheaper than wooden crates, as you’re paying for the material, not just the labor of building it yourself.
  • It’s more sustainable than wooden crates, since they don’t use up any natural resources other than the paper used in manufacturing them. (And even then, these materials can be recycled!)
  • They’re more durable than wooden crates and won’t chip or splinter when dropped from high places like shipping containers or trucks! That means less waste from damaged goods during transit; just think about how much money could be saved across all industries if we could reduce this type of waste by just 10%!

These benefits aren’t just limited to large corporations either: individual consumers also benefit from using corrugated cardboard boxes as storage solutions because they’re easy to assemble at home without any special tools. You don’t even need glue if you have enough tape nearby! This makes them great solutions for people who live in small apartments but still want a spacious closet space where they can store all those winter coats.

There are many reasons why companies are turning to corrugated cardboard to ship their products. It’s less expensive and it has a smaller carbon footprint. Corrugated cardboard boxes also have more flexible sizes, making them ideal for shipping goods from one location to another or storing items in storage units.