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How to Maximize the Marketing Potential of Your Pizza Box

By September 16, 2022No Comments

Pizza shops can’t afford to ignore the pizza box’s potential beyond its primary function of transporting and keeping pizza warm during takeout and delivery.

Pizza shops should take advantage of the pizza box as much as possible because the typical customer spends at least 10 minutes interacting with it. The pizza box is more than just a corrugated container for delivering pizza; it’s also a means by which businesses can spread the word about their products. Major pizza box manufacturers has some suggestions for how you and your supplier can work together to better engage customers and advance your brand.

1. Clearly identify any health advantages. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates certain nutritional labeling information for standard menu items, such as calorie counts. However, highlighting organic selections or mentioning that a portion of your ingredients are harvested locally will help your box stand out and instill greater consumer confidence.

2. Make your presence known. Create something special for your brand rather than just a generic box. You can stand out from the competition by personalizing your pizza box with eye-catching graphics, striking hues, and original copy to highlight the unique selling points of your pizzeria.

3. Maximize profit by improving the worth. Giving customers box coupons for free pizza or other food items is a great way to keep them coming back for more. It’s possible that some of your customers won’t be familiar with everything you offer, so you might want to print out and distribute copies of the menu or call attention to your most popular items. QR codes can also be used to rapidly update information that is subject to change, such as daily deals or menu additions.

4. Put another way, just get people talking. By combining QR codes with social media, businesses can more deeply involve their customers in their brand. Incentives like a hashtag and a freebie are great ways to get customers involved in a photo contest. Your pizza may appear in many Instagrams due to the proximity of the tag.

5. Tell people why you’re taking this action. Brand loyalty and affinity can be improved by creating an emotional connection with customers that extends beyond the pizza itself, as demonstrated by the option to reserve a portion of your box for personalization, allowing you to show your support for a cause that is meaningful to you.

6. The handmade aesthetic is experiencing sustained growth as a result of its ability to make buyers feel a sense of nostalgia. Packaging with interesting graphics or a brief history of the company can help customers feel more invested in the brand.

7. Clean pizza boxes and other takeout containers can be recycled in many communities. If you live in an area with stringent regulations regarding food residue, corrugated liners can be used to make pizza boxes more recyclable. Highlighting the eco-friendly components of your box or providing tips for identifying whether the box can be recycled can further simplify the recycling process for customers and demonstrate your store’s commitment to sustainability.

Including product-focused artwork is a low-effort and low-cost way to give each box a distinct look. See to it that your pizza shop supplier is flexible enough to work with you on any design modifications you have in mind. Thinking about the partner’s ability to customize boxes, its history in the industry, where it sources materials and produces the box, and its supply chain capabilities can help you evaluate and choose a partner that can effectively communicate your brand’s message and reinforce your company’s position with consumers.

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