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How to prepare for a Custom Cake!

By August 15, 2022September 30th, 2022No Comments

Firstly, it is important to collect all the necessary data. This involves determining the quantity of servings and taking account of any specific design ideas or themes;  For instance, does the event have any sort of decoration (like flowers, invitations, or certain colors)? Is this a particularly noteworthy birthday, and does the celebrant have any particular quirks or passions?

Try looking for pictures or artwork: To get started, it’s helpful if the customer has already provided some reference images. If all you have to go on is a theme, you’ll need to go on the proverbial cake-less hunt for photographs that fit the bill. Find examples of paintings, polymer-clay sculptures, glassworks, and other forms of art in addition to those typically associated with house decoration, invites, and fashion.

Form a very simple strategy: Get your creative juices flowing by sketching down a rough idea if you need to see things on paper. Make a simple plan to organize your thoughts; there’s no need to go overboard. You can now begin estimating how long it will take to complete these supplementary elements. For me, the best creative process begins with a central notion, from which I draw forth potential avenues for simplification and ornamentation.

Share a quotation: Describe your plan of action to the customer. I enjoy having a couple of different iterations of my idea, as I’ve already indicated. I usually give them three alternative quotes, the middle one being the cheapest, and then I give them options for making it more or less complicated. Then no one will have to ask if there is a cheaper way to get the job done, which is convenient. Keeps the ball in my court and demonstrates that while I will not drop my pricing on a certain cake design, I can provide an alternative that fits inside their price range.

Think about how much time and effort you’ll need to invest in the final cake design before giving a price. When quoting, be sure to account for the time and expense involved in going to a certain location to take photographs of an item (such as a cake meant to resemble a specific building or landmark).

If the cake is already reserved, think of something else to celebrate: In the event that the customer hires you, you can take this time to further develop a sketch you’ve been wanting to work on. In my experience, it’s better to fully sketch out and plan your ideas while the order and any design conversations are still fresh in your mind. That way, when it’s time to make the cake, you’ll have all the information you need and can skip right to the creative part!

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