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What Are the Top Cake Trends of 2022?

By September 6, 2022September 30th, 2022No Comments

The ability to identify trends more quickly than ever is a major benefit of social media. If you’re looking to get a jump on the competition in the cake department in 2022, we’ve observed some exciting new developments on Instagram.

“Lunch Box Cakes,” or “Bento Cakes,”

Cakes sold in lunch boxes are scaled-down versions of elaborately iced and decorated desserts sold elsewhere, but with the added convenience of being portable in adorable small containers. The cakes typically have a simple, yet cheerful, design. This trend has proven particularly popular among amateur bakers since the size is adaptable to a wide variety of scenarios.

Crescent Cakes

The arch cake craze has recently swept the cake world. There are layers of cake and buttercream filling, just like in a regular stacked cake, but the form and decoration of these cakes are quite unique. The beautiful arch form of this cake is achieved by placing half a round cake on top of a rectangular base. Since so many artists have put their own touch on this pattern, we can confidently say that this particular cake form, with its refined, understated style, will continue to be a popular choice for years to come.

Wall Cakes are a type of Square Cake.

These square cakes are tall and rectangular like arch cakes, but instead of an arch at the top, they have sharp buttercream corners. These unique takes on classic cake forms will please any contemporary sweet tooth. One of the easiest methods to kick off a cake fad is to use novel cake shapes. If you’re looking to challenge yourself while staying loyal to your own sense of style with your home’s decor, this is the kind of trend you should get on.

Flowered Arrangements That Have Been Dried

Recent years have seen a meteoric growth in the popularity of dried floral bouquets atop cakes, with the trend capturing the attention of brides all over the world and dominating bridal Pinterest boards. This alternative to the usual fresh flowers is highly appreciated by today’s hip bohemian brides. Colors and textures like organic buttercream and cool muted tones are typical of this style.


Lambeth cake designs are currently trending, despite the fact that more subdued minimalist cake styles are more in style. Over-piping, when two or more layers of buttercream are piped elegantly over top of one another, is a technique that has been used for generations. Lambeth Method of Cake Decoration and Practical Pastries, written by Joseph Lambeth in the 1930s, is credited with popularizing this technique.

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